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St. Mary of the Assumption | St. Mary of the Assumption

Go Fund Me Update

We are making great strides in our efforts to save St. Mary’s. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who are working night and day to contact potential donors, teachers, alumni, and friends. We have reviewed our 5-year business plan with major donors and the feedback has been very positive. We believe there is a good chance to save St. Mary’s but we need your help more than ever.
Frequently asked questions:
  1. What happens to my donation if St. Mary’s does not remain open?     A) All donations will be refunded
  2. Will the funds be used for anything other than the school?      A) The funds will be deposited into a reserve account to cover shortfalls in tuition and fundraising.
  3.  Will we need to raise another 2 million next year?      A) No, we have a confirmed plan to run the school at a break-even level with a reasonable enrollment and fundraising.

Battle of the Badges Basketball Game

July 20th Community Event

I'm A St. Mary's Kid T-Shirt

Learn more about what St. Mary of the Assumption High School has to offer in this new video.

All Alumni Homecoming

All Alumni Homecoming

The following is the revised Itinerary for homecoming on July 20th: •10:00-10:45-Homeroom!!! (Alums meet up with your classmates in a designated classroom) while current SMHS Students volunteer to help set up for the community fair! Homerooms for Homecoming Graduating...

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Volunteer to help Save St. Mary’s

Please use the link to enter Volunteer. If you are unable to edit the document please let me know and I will update it. Thanks, https://docs.google.com/document/d/175BlFwinWPrg0at_ulQ7RKHpMhHlKWC6cV8nzHdu0o4/edit?usp=sharing

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