The following is the revised Itinerary for homecoming on July 20th:
•10:00-10:45-Homeroom!!! (Alums meet up with your classmates in a designated classroom) while current SMHS Students volunteer to help set up for the community fair!
Homerooms for Homecoming
Graduating Class
•1940-1969~Room 106
•1971-1981~Room 201
•1982 & 1983~Room 201A
•1984-1989~Room 201B
•1990-1996~Room 202
•1997 & 1998~Room 203
•1999 REUNION! ~Room 204
•2000-2005~Room 206
•2006-2010~ Room 207
•2011-2015~ Room 209
•2016-2019 ~Room 210
•10:00-6:00 St. Mary’s Mixer outside in the School Yard/South St- Music will be played, people can reconnect in the school yard under the tent-water will be available
•10:45-12:00- Alumni And current SMHS student Networking Brunch. During this time there will also be an alumni panel for students to engage in a fruitful Q&A with influential St. Mary’s Alumni.
•12:15-1:00- Teacher Hop (move class to class to visit and catch up with your favorite teachers in their old classrooms) SMHS students engage in Q&A with Alumni Panel
•1:15-1:45- HOMECOMING Rally (Motivational Remarks, Hilltopper song sung by SMHS Student, National Anthem sung by SMHS Student) to take place in the gym. (Raffles, 50/50, Auctions)
•1:45-2:45 Alumni Basketball Game 90s vs 00s (taking place in the gym)
•3:00-4:15 Elizabeth PD vs Elizabeth FD Volunteer Basketball Game (taking place in the gym)
•4:30- 5:45 Alumni Basketball Game 2010s vs current team (taking place in the gym)
•6:00-9:00 Alumni Social
The cost of admission is a donation to the gofundme account at the door.