Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

The students, parents, priests, administration, faculty and staff of St. Mary of the Assumption High School are a community who strive to be a visible, viable manifestation of the teacher-redeemer Christ among us and all persons. The richness and variety of the many ethnic heritages represented by the people of St. Mary of the Assumption are respected and valued as we work for the benefit of our school and the larger society.

We endeavor to facilitate and foster the total growth: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of each student who become part of the St. Mary’s tradition.

To accomplish this goal St. Mary of the Assumption High School seeks to:

 • Provide a safe, caring and secure learning environment, which will challenge students to develop their potential.

• Emphasize personal attention to develop in each student a sense of his or her own belonging to the family community of St. Mary’s.

• Foster in our students a keen Christian awareness of responsibility to and for others; as well as service for the common good.

• Recognize each person as an individual who is affirmed and worthy of being loved.

Our Statement of Philosophy

St. Mary of the Assumption High School is by design a small family oriented institution following the traditions of Catholic education. Jesus Christ and His gospel message is the very source of our community and it is His spirit that sustains us and gives us the guidance and direction.

We attempt to provide sound academic preparation in a stable caring environment. Since a vast majority of the student body plans to attend post-secondary school, we offer college preparatory courses designed to be challenging. Individual differences, as well as specific student needs, are identified and addressed through leveling classes and electives.

In the tradition of Catholic Education, we stress spirituality and self-discipline along with personal and social responsibility. Respect and responsibility are taught individually and through group service. We believe St. Mary of the Assumption High School provides an atmosphere where students of different races and cultures can relate to each other with respect and appreciation. The school also provides an atmosphere which allows for individualism and rewards achievement.